The Longest Connected Image of LED Rope Lights – Guinness World Record ™️ record attempt.

The Longest Connected Image of LED Rope Lights  Guinness World Record ™️ record attempt will be made at YOU CAN @ TIN CAN.  The record attempt will be made in Nelson Park beside the Library on Sunday 13th September.

The world record attempt at Barcaldine failed because a single lines of LED lights was not deemed to be an image.

The Current World Record for the largest connected image made of LED rope lights measures 655 m (2,148 ft 11 in) and was achieved by Olay and (both China), in Beijing, China on 26 May 2016.  It took 48 hours to build the image and there were 10,000 rose lights on the rope.

If you still have your LED lights from Barcaldine, that is great. Bring them along.  The LED lights required for the attempt are specific.  We are currently looking for compatable ones with those used at Barcaldine.  More information will be posted about purchasing the correct LED lights when we have found a manufacturer and supplier.